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Well Frida Kahlo….! Need I say more ?! Even now some 60 years after her death she is still well known as an inspiration to many including myself !! The story of Frida brings out the feminist side to me and how could it not ? The things she achieved in her life in that time were extraordinary for a man to do let alone a woman!! I find her so awe inspiring because not only did she conquer the world of art, but her self determination was absolutely gobsmacking !!! The dedication she proved to her artwork was amazing. Kahlo began painting after a streetcar accident that left her with spinal and hip fractures making her bed ridden for months on end. The majority of her work are self portraits portraying her physical and emotional sufferings. Her work is now described as traditional Mexican folk artwork (don’t you love the word folk? I do ).
Frida was constrained to full body casts most of her life after the accident as her core was too weak too hold herself up otherwise and do you know what Frida did?! She took to painting her casts in beautiful whimsical patterns and colours. Nothing ever beat Frida.  This brings me to another reason I love Frida … her style !! The way she presented herself often was a blur of colour and fantastic textiles. Frida’s style and artwork still inspires creatives all over the world and there is lots of Frida inspired art  and fashion .. See below. At nearly 60 years after her death she even rocked the front cover of Vogue!
fashion editorial based on Frida Kahlo

fashion editorial based on Frida Kahlo
So as you can see there is a lot more to Frida than meets the eyes … even if what meets the eyes happens to be absolutely tremendous. And as you can tell I adore her and everything about her the colours in her clothing alone ! Utter Mexican madness .. In a good way of course! Until next time,
Hooroo! xxxx

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