Saturday, 28 March 2015


my set up at art class this week... I seemed to nearly have all my possessions there oops!

sketch book sneak peeks...

set up in my art room today.. perfect way to start the holidays

todays painting embellished with vintage gold metallic coated thread I inherited from my Great Great Aunty.. up until now I have been too scared to use it on anything it is just so cool

planning for sister cities art project underway

walking down the hallway today I just had to take a pic of the beautiful colours I saw

Well school has finally finished for the term! I could tell I was ready for a break from so much school work as this week all I wanted to do was paint and make things. I was nearly going crazy... Well I kind of did go crazy with the amount of collaging, painting and making that went on this past week. I've also started work on a special project for the Groovin The Moo sister cities art competition. I'm so excited to do this piece of work as it will be on exhibition at Groovin!! Oh my goodness I can still hardly believe that.... I am so nervous that what I create will turn out horrid... Fingers crossed! So this is a collection of pictures from my week. I hope everyone else that is on holidays has a good break !! My holidays certainly have started well.
Maggie x x x

Monday, 23 March 2015


Hello lovelies, I have decided to make a quick yet beautiful post of pictures that I love and am finding inspiring at that moment as it's the last week of school and by this time in the term I am really in need of creative inspiration. There is way too much homework! I am an extremely visual person and in order to be happy and inspired I need to be surrounded by beautiful and intriguing things/pictures. Even if sometimes it just looks like a bunch of random/weird things sitting on my desk but it is there for a reason. These pictures are all ones that I had saved on desk top at the moment that I spend way too much time staring at in class..oops!

pic from rookie
pic from spell
pic from rookie
pic I took in Italy in Burano.. cacti!
pic from Marra Hoffman
pic from Marra Hoffman
pic from tumblr

pic from tumblr

I thought I would add some music inspiration to, 
if you haven't heard of Nathan Hawes you really need to check him out! He is a young Aussie musician who released his first EP "left with the wolves" in January and I am loving it! The whole album is gorgeous and at risk of sounding tacky it is my go to album with a happy-hippy vibe that reminds me of Summer every time I listen too it. I am listening to it right now .... Beautiful!
Also how cool is the album artwork?! 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Why can't long weekends last forever, I know that technically then it wouldn't even be a long weekend but.. whatever. Last weekend myself along with five of my bestest pals headed down to Mornington to stay at one of my friends beach houses. Oh the fun that was had! The car trip was even fun and we featured for the first time on triple j and they played our song request.. 'Sadness Disease' by Urban Cone which of course is now our anthem of the trip! But seriously what a great song? 


We spent our time clambering down the cliff paths to find the beach and wasting endless hours by the water. We also spent time frolicking about the Mornington markets which had some seriously good food... and lemonade! Oh and of course some shopping was thrown in there somewhere. Our last night we enjoyed fish and chips on the beach whilst pondering to ourselves "Does it getter better than this?" which now that we are home and back at school again the answer is obviously no, it does not get better than chilled nights on the beach with friends.

A much enjoyable long weekend.. but I'll try to let the pictures speak for themselves for once and shut up now. I hope everyone else's year is going well and that for school goers everywhere it has been bearable if not slightly enjoyable so far. 
ps: can you believe it's already March? I myself am having a lot of trouble keeping up.. especially with the unmentionable fact.. that Summer is over! (bursts into tears until Winter is gone)
Lots of love Maggie  x x x

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