Monday, 23 February 2015


So ........ I barely have any words for this! I can not believe this place has gone so long undetected by my radar. The Mill Market of Geelong !! Last weekend I was in Geelong for a water skiing competition when on Saturday afternoon with nothing to do Mum suggested oh why don't you go here, I think you'll like.... Oh my goodness, do I like it ? I love it ! So basically it is just a huge warehouse full of anything and everything you can imagine that is second hand. It is broken up into little sections and stalls which people can have anything in. I was only there for an hour and only just got around the clothing section.. Imagine what other wonders are still there now ?? I could happily spend a long time there... Like a whole week please! Evidently I made some purchases.. and absolute bargains they were ! I got two ponchos ($30 each!!) and some gorgeous tie dye lace up shorts ($10) !
Much love Maggie x
(ps all photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated)

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  1. Oh! I live in Geelong and I go here all the time! Just to look, because some of it is pretty expensive, but you can find some amazing things here!


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