Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Lake Boga- eye candy!!

Isn't it funny how our perspective change all the time .. Our perspectives on everything; clothes we wear ( you know that dress you just had to buy and only wore once ), the food we eat and the music we listen too. It all has to do with our changing preferences and things we decide we don't like and all of a sudden do! It also has to do with the amount of attention we pay to things, especially those things in our every day lives that we tend to take for granted. 
You’re probably wondering what Lake Boga has to do with any of this. Lake Boga is a small town on a big highway situated (you guessed it !) right on Lake Boga. We have a small holiday house at nearby Lake Charm and Lake Boga is on the way into town for us. Every Summer of my life I have driven through Lake Boga on our way to Swan Hill to shop and as a child go to the movies on a hot day. Now one day the way I perceived the town changed it turned from a scary deserted town into such a cool spot! Every time I have driven through Lake Boga for the last two years I’ve said to myself one day I will stop and take some photos here, I love it ! And every drive through I've noticed more and more cool things.. “Look at that cactus on the fence" ! (If you haven't already you’ll soon find out how much I love cacti!!) Now on my most recent drive through the town I noticed this run down old building for the first time and oh my god it has cacti growing out of the roof !!! That was it “this time I will stop and take those pictures” and I did! Im so glad I did because what I found was much more than I expected!!!! You can probably tell from the pictures I could not contain my excitement running around like a little child who’s discovered real life fairies ! I keep asking myself over and over again how did I not see this amazing place before on the many drives to Swan Hill I have had over the last few weeks and the whole of my life !! 
Anyway this was supposed to be a photo journal so I’ll stop talking now but I just had to share with you the overwhelming feeling of excitement that I can not contain about this old building !!! My Mum sat in the car rolling her eyes as I practically sprinted around the site! I think it would make a great place for a fashion editorial to be set (if anyones interested let me know !) haha
Hope you fall a little bit in love with this place just like me…Who am I kidding I’m obsessed !
PS; next time I promise to hold back on the exclamation marks.. well at least try)
Maggie xx

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