Tuesday, 25 August 2015


well, well, well...
Time has flown by yet again and I have not posted in a loooonnng time ! oops! So since last time a lot has happened, including amazing three week holidays from school, and starting at a new school..eek! I have been at my new school now for 6 weeks and I'm loving it! I am doing three arty subjects which I adore! I am loving starting new projects and getting to use my creative brain! Here a sneak peek into my art project for this term.. So I know I haven’t posted is agggeeeessss I’ve been pretty busy an to be honest lacking motivation. I’ve got so many creative projects going on at once.. its amazing! haha So for my first final art piece at school I did a photo shoot with my gorgeous friend Nina from Finland! I took the photos to use as reference for a drawing element of my artwork which I will post soon... I just finished and handed it in today! eek finished just on time!. Anyway I loved the photos so much I decided I needed to more with them, hence this post! I hope you enjoy them and I promise many more posts to come, soon! Mags xxx

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