Sunday, 30 August 2015


So I finished my first final piece for Studio art which is very exciting ! I drew the figure (my friend Nina) off the pics in my last blog post !! eek and I can't believe that I actually got it finished on time and everything .. shock horror! haha... here it is.

For ages I have been meaning to post some pics like this, of a moon lit sky!!!! So I know I named this blog that and then never spoke about it, well know is that time. I can't explain how special it is to me to go for a walk at night under the stars in that eery blue and smoggy light that the moon casts.

Last night my friends Nina, Abby and I had a little camp fire and we watched the sun go down and the sky turn to pitch blackness, about half an hour later however we could see again! It was just beautiful and such a special thing to witness. Tonight the moon came up blazing bright so I had to take the chance to grab a few pics of the moon lit sky. So I hope you enjoyed and now have some understanding of the name I have cast.
Until next time,
Mags x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


well, well, well...
Time has flown by yet again and I have not posted in a loooonnng time ! oops! So since last time a lot has happened, including amazing three week holidays from school, and starting at a new school..eek! I have been at my new school now for 6 weeks and I'm loving it! I am doing three arty subjects which I adore! I am loving starting new projects and getting to use my creative brain! Here a sneak peek into my art project for this term.. So I know I haven’t posted is agggeeeessss I’ve been pretty busy an to be honest lacking motivation. I’ve got so many creative projects going on at once.. its amazing! haha So for my first final art piece at school I did a photo shoot with my gorgeous friend Nina from Finland! I took the photos to use as reference for a drawing element of my artwork which I will post soon... I just finished and handed it in today! eek finished just on time!. Anyway I loved the photos so much I decided I needed to more with them, hence this post! I hope you enjoy them and I promise many more posts to come, soon! Mags xxx

Friday, 12 June 2015


So I have finally got the film from the disposable camera I took to Groovin back!! A long wait I know but so worth it. I think the wait of getting a film developed adds to the whole experience and builds excitement of what the tiny little film is holding! I have started doing more photos on film since Groovin and I love it. the effect they have in the end is so different to digital image and to those who say- you could get a better quality pic on you phone camera- yes! Yes in fact I could but that is not the point, the point is to get amazing and unpredictable photos that somehow manage to capture the mood of place much better too. The tiny amount of grain and the colours that show up in these pics set the scene of  festival and I love them!!! Once again, the sadness has kicked in as I have realised just how long it is until Groovin next year....... much, much sadness! Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at my pics and maybe have a festival lined up to go to before May next year! (and to my friends going to Splendour this year..... I am SEVERELY JEALOUS! and yes whilst typing that last sentence I did need autocorrect to fix up my bad spelling that comes with fury!) 
The first act we saw was the Delta Riggs and I've got to say they were a definite highlight of my day!

Meg Mac was also a highlight !

me (on the right) and my friend Lily with the beautiful Bendigo sky

San Cisco- awesome !!!!

a little finger in the way... oops!

a stunning sunset whilst rocking out to Carmada!

just how cool did my friend Abby's hair look?! (on the left) and of course shout out to Jorja's wrists looking great!
Nina and I.... I promise we were not drunk like we appear in the pic!

just another pic with friend Kerrie

this is the tent that housed all the gorgeous art work of the sister cities art comp, mine is on the far left, of course when getting developed it got cut of haha

So now all there is left to do is wait until May next year really and go again!...... and complete year a new school...... and start year 12?! Agh everything is moving so fast! (I thought you should know that whilst typing 'moving' it autocorrected to mopping, I am now sitting, writing and laughing) Next Semester will bring a new adventure to me as I am starting a new school across the border in another state !!! and probably less thank 5kms' away from my current school but hey never let anything get in the way of a bit of drama right?! 
goodbye till next time friends,
Maggie xx

Sunday, 31 May 2015


                    Hi everyone, I have to seriously apologise for not posting in ages! I have been so busy but I'm not going to lie mostly with boring school things. Although exams are finally finished so I'm trying to get back into blogging. I promise! On Saturday we did a quick trip to our local town Barham to drop some things off at the op-shop I of course came home with some things from the op-shop including some jeans to alter into 'mum jeans' and the most beautiful Harris Tweed jacket!!! It's amazing and of course didn't need any altering now or ever. I probably don't need to add that it was just $7 for both! I don't know about you but I have been looking for the perfect pair of mum jeans everywhere to no avail. The only ones Ive found either don't fit or cost the earth so I have been keeping my eyes in the op-shop, also to no avail. SO I decided that's it time to make my very own pair, as you can see the jeans at the start were huge flairs and a bit big for me. I set myself a Saturday evening challenge, I put on a green face mask, haha, and set to work and I thought I would share what I did;

AFTER: featuring Harris Tweed jacket!

- marking pencil or chalk
- ruler
-pins (optional)
-sewing machine
-jeans of course!

 1. lay pants down and smooth them out so that the seams you are altering lay flat

2. snip the seam from the waist ban to make it less bulky to sew (seen in next pic)
 3. work out how much you want to take in on the jeans and mark and measure it, using the ruler to make sure both sides are even
4. work your way down the leg until it is all marked out 
5. if you need to pin the jeans in place, and sew !!
6. chop off the excess fabric and finish the seams with either a zig zag stitch or overlocker (if you have one which I don't)
7. You're Done!!

There you go a nice little weekend project! Soon I will be doing a Groovin the Moo post when I finally get my film photos developed haha. And also in other news my artwork has featured twice on the amazingly gorgeous online Daisy Mag!! Very exciting times! You should definitely check it out, especially their post on the Delta Riggs who I adore and were amazing to see at Groovin!
Until next time (which I promise will be soon!), have fun!
Maggie x x x

Saturday, 25 April 2015

just some art stuff

well, well, well...
Another term has come around already, I can't believe how fast this year is going! 
So, first things first I hope everyone had a beautiful easter break including many chocolate yummies. I certainly did and I even braved the cold for a last few skis of the season over the holidays. Even though the water was .. well a bit fresh, the skiing was great! I have also just finished my artwork for the Groovin the Mo sister cities art competition, you can see it below (sorry for the really dodgey pic!) but sadly I didn't win but there will always be next year and it was an awesome experience to have, everyone selected was so very talented! 

the finished version (I think).. of sister cities project

in the process of sister cities project..

just a pretty scene I saw whilst walking..
random collage..

first finished textile project!!
brainstorming for new textiles project

inspiration for new textiles project by caroline kaufman
 School has started again and it really doesn't feel I had any holidays at all now.. They are just a distant dazed memory somewhere in my brain that has been flooded with school work. But on a positive note I have started working on a new textiles assignment which is the Wool for School competition and is very exciting... I am so loving textiles even though it is by distance education meaning my teacher is all the way in Canberra, it gives me some time out at school where I can just go and do my own thing, I really had never realised just how much time was wasted in a normal classroom and because I don't have any other kids wasting time I don't get any homework for that class.. it's great! The design brief for this year's Wool For School comp is exciting and enticing and I have chosen to base my design on New Delhi n the Winter time... I'm not sure quite where I'll go with this one but hopefully I will have some ideas soon.. I hope! If you want more info head over too Wool For School website, I definitely would recommend entering if you have a chance! What amazing prizes... Gush!
So thats about all I have, a random update of my life thanks for reading..
Maggie x x x 
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