Saturday, 25 April 2015

just some art stuff

well, well, well...
Another term has come around already, I can't believe how fast this year is going! 
So, first things first I hope everyone had a beautiful easter break including many chocolate yummies. I certainly did and I even braved the cold for a last few skis of the season over the holidays. Even though the water was .. well a bit fresh, the skiing was great! I have also just finished my artwork for the Groovin the Mo sister cities art competition, you can see it below (sorry for the really dodgey pic!) but sadly I didn't win but there will always be next year and it was an awesome experience to have, everyone selected was so very talented! 

the finished version (I think).. of sister cities project

in the process of sister cities project..

just a pretty scene I saw whilst walking..
random collage..

first finished textile project!!
brainstorming for new textiles project

inspiration for new textiles project by caroline kaufman
 School has started again and it really doesn't feel I had any holidays at all now.. They are just a distant dazed memory somewhere in my brain that has been flooded with school work. But on a positive note I have started working on a new textiles assignment which is the Wool for School competition and is very exciting... I am so loving textiles even though it is by distance education meaning my teacher is all the way in Canberra, it gives me some time out at school where I can just go and do my own thing, I really had never realised just how much time was wasted in a normal classroom and because I don't have any other kids wasting time I don't get any homework for that class.. it's great! The design brief for this year's Wool For School comp is exciting and enticing and I have chosen to base my design on New Delhi n the Winter time... I'm not sure quite where I'll go with this one but hopefully I will have some ideas soon.. I hope! If you want more info head over too Wool For School website, I definitely would recommend entering if you have a chance! What amazing prizes... Gush!
So thats about all I have, a random update of my life thanks for reading..
Maggie x x x 

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