Sunday, 31 May 2015


                    Hi everyone, I have to seriously apologise for not posting in ages! I have been so busy but I'm not going to lie mostly with boring school things. Although exams are finally finished so I'm trying to get back into blogging. I promise! On Saturday we did a quick trip to our local town Barham to drop some things off at the op-shop I of course came home with some things from the op-shop including some jeans to alter into 'mum jeans' and the most beautiful Harris Tweed jacket!!! It's amazing and of course didn't need any altering now or ever. I probably don't need to add that it was just $7 for both! I don't know about you but I have been looking for the perfect pair of mum jeans everywhere to no avail. The only ones Ive found either don't fit or cost the earth so I have been keeping my eyes in the op-shop, also to no avail. SO I decided that's it time to make my very own pair, as you can see the jeans at the start were huge flairs and a bit big for me. I set myself a Saturday evening challenge, I put on a green face mask, haha, and set to work and I thought I would share what I did;

AFTER: featuring Harris Tweed jacket!

- marking pencil or chalk
- ruler
-pins (optional)
-sewing machine
-jeans of course!

 1. lay pants down and smooth them out so that the seams you are altering lay flat

2. snip the seam from the waist ban to make it less bulky to sew (seen in next pic)
 3. work out how much you want to take in on the jeans and mark and measure it, using the ruler to make sure both sides are even
4. work your way down the leg until it is all marked out 
5. if you need to pin the jeans in place, and sew !!
6. chop off the excess fabric and finish the seams with either a zig zag stitch or overlocker (if you have one which I don't)
7. You're Done!!

There you go a nice little weekend project! Soon I will be doing a Groovin the Moo post when I finally get my film photos developed haha. And also in other news my artwork has featured twice on the amazingly gorgeous online Daisy Mag!! Very exciting times! You should definitely check it out, especially their post on the Delta Riggs who I adore and were amazing to see at Groovin!
Until next time (which I promise will be soon!), have fun!
Maggie x x x

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