Saturday, 14 March 2015


Why can't long weekends last forever, I know that technically then it wouldn't even be a long weekend but.. whatever. Last weekend myself along with five of my bestest pals headed down to Mornington to stay at one of my friends beach houses. Oh the fun that was had! The car trip was even fun and we featured for the first time on triple j and they played our song request.. 'Sadness Disease' by Urban Cone which of course is now our anthem of the trip! But seriously what a great song? 


We spent our time clambering down the cliff paths to find the beach and wasting endless hours by the water. We also spent time frolicking about the Mornington markets which had some seriously good food... and lemonade! Oh and of course some shopping was thrown in there somewhere. Our last night we enjoyed fish and chips on the beach whilst pondering to ourselves "Does it getter better than this?" which now that we are home and back at school again the answer is obviously no, it does not get better than chilled nights on the beach with friends.

A much enjoyable long weekend.. but I'll try to let the pictures speak for themselves for once and shut up now. I hope everyone else's year is going well and that for school goers everywhere it has been bearable if not slightly enjoyable so far. 
ps: can you believe it's already March? I myself am having a lot of trouble keeping up.. especially with the unmentionable fact.. that Summer is over! (bursts into tears until Winter is gone)
Lots of love Maggie  x x x

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