Friday, 12 June 2015


So I have finally got the film from the disposable camera I took to Groovin back!! A long wait I know but so worth it. I think the wait of getting a film developed adds to the whole experience and builds excitement of what the tiny little film is holding! I have started doing more photos on film since Groovin and I love it. the effect they have in the end is so different to digital image and to those who say- you could get a better quality pic on you phone camera- yes! Yes in fact I could but that is not the point, the point is to get amazing and unpredictable photos that somehow manage to capture the mood of place much better too. The tiny amount of grain and the colours that show up in these pics set the scene of  festival and I love them!!! Once again, the sadness has kicked in as I have realised just how long it is until Groovin next year....... much, much sadness! Anyway I hope you enjoy looking at my pics and maybe have a festival lined up to go to before May next year! (and to my friends going to Splendour this year..... I am SEVERELY JEALOUS! and yes whilst typing that last sentence I did need autocorrect to fix up my bad spelling that comes with fury!) 
The first act we saw was the Delta Riggs and I've got to say they were a definite highlight of my day!

Meg Mac was also a highlight !

me (on the right) and my friend Lily with the beautiful Bendigo sky

San Cisco- awesome !!!!

a little finger in the way... oops!

a stunning sunset whilst rocking out to Carmada!

just how cool did my friend Abby's hair look?! (on the left) and of course shout out to Jorja's wrists looking great!
Nina and I.... I promise we were not drunk like we appear in the pic!

just another pic with friend Kerrie

this is the tent that housed all the gorgeous art work of the sister cities art comp, mine is on the far left, of course when getting developed it got cut of haha

So now all there is left to do is wait until May next year really and go again!...... and complete year a new school...... and start year 12?! Agh everything is moving so fast! (I thought you should know that whilst typing 'moving' it autocorrected to mopping, I am now sitting, writing and laughing) Next Semester will bring a new adventure to me as I am starting a new school across the border in another state !!! and probably less thank 5kms' away from my current school but hey never let anything get in the way of a bit of drama right?! 
goodbye till next time friends,
Maggie xx

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